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ICM Auctions is an Online Auction which was started on May 5th, 2021 in vision to provide heavy discounts to people of Canada & provide entertainment to people. 

Auctions are held on weekly basis with pickups scheduled on the mentioned days on our location.

470 Dundas St East ,Belleville (Bay View Mall)


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470 Dundas St East,Belleville (Bay View Mall) , ONT

Featuring Everyday Household Items, Home Decor , Food , Pet Supplies , Makeup , Clothing , Furniture , Tools , and MUCH MORE....



470 Dundas St East, Belleville (Bay View Mall) , ONT

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What we do, how we do it, where we do it. All your questions answered on our FAQ's page.

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What we do, how we do it, where we do it. All your questions answered on our FAQ's page.

Terms and Conditions

All buyers from the auction are charged a 13% buyers premium. Tax is charged on all items excluding some food items. When registering for an auction a $5 charge to your credit card is applied then reversed back at the end of the auction. The hold is to ensure the credit card is valid. Payment methods that are accepted are visa, MasterCard, debit and email money transfer. Pre arranged cash payments will be accepted on a limited basis. American Express or foreign credit cards are not accepted.

Any non payments at the end of the auction, with no communication with ICM auctions will result in a $50 NSF charge and the individual will be banned from all future auctions. By registering for the auction you agree to these terms and conditions.

All pick ups need valid photo id.

ICM auctions reserves the right to change, delete or modify an item without notice to insure accuracy and integrity.

All items will be advertised as accurate as possible, however there are human elements that may result in error, which will be addressed on a case by case.

All sales are final.

470 Dundas St , Belleville , ONT


Time for pick-ups will be determined at the conclusion of each auction.

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470 Dundas St E , Belleville , ONT
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